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General Surgery

Mostly Psychiatry

Tropical Medicine

The merry
banned band

Their centre is called Green Hills

And contains foreboding ills
So many they try to treat
And never acknowledge defeat
They're always working hard
Even though they've been debarred

General Surgery's good with a knife

But forgets it could mean a life
Psychiatry probes the mind
Mostly there's nothing to find
Tropical Medicine tries to think
But is overly fond of a drink

Come inside now that's been said

It's time you had your neurons fed
If it's a laugh you're looking for
We can exercise your jaw
We can brighten up your day
And make you giggle all the way.

This website is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to these selfless heroines who have devoted their lives to running a psychiatric rehabilitation centre, sacrificing pleasurable pursuits in the course of their quest. These dedicated women band together at the Green Hills Psychiatric Centre, a centre that grows in demand in housing those citizens of our society who have become outcasts due to their rabid beliefs. Mental illness is rampant in both the residents and staff, differing only in degree.

Rehabilitation of the residents and inpatients is continually disrupted with professorial staff having their attention diverted by the cunning antics of the conspirators in their fanatical attempts to communicate with others outside the Centre. Laundry staff and villagers alike provoke chaos and are currently running the risk of shortened life spans.

An absorbing fantasy within.

We commend Mr Spider at Google for recognising the importance of the plight of our heroines.



"A rhyme in time
can save your mind"

Rhymemaker Rhymemaker make me a rhyme
I am in need of saving my mind
If I don't get my mind in gear
They'll march me to that place of fear
That place called The Centre, that's where they hide
The people there have no rhymes inside
It's where mad professors and wombats roam
It's nothing but a loony zone
If laundry staff should find me there
They'll burn my clothes and leave me bare
They say they don't always get fed
And spent a lot of time in bed
Rhymemaker if you don't make me a rhyme
I'll go to Heaven instead.


Late Breaking News

Sydney Opera House


To help commemorate Australia Day 2006 the City of Sydney bestowed a great honour on our three professors. Their faces bounce off the Opera House sails and the Sydney Harbour Bridge traffic has come to a standstill on more than one occasion as motorists clamour to reach the eastern side of the bridge for a better look. There have been loud altercations amongst pedestrian traffic on the bridge vying for the best viewing positions. The artist responsible was generously paid and is now living somewhere in the northern hemisphere.



professors meet Queen Elizabeth at 2006 commonwealth games


Another memorable occasion. Before the 2006 Commonwealth Games got underway in Melbourne, our heroines were asked to make a guest appearance and a short speech each to encourage the competitors in their endeavours to win gold. Tropical Medicine came straight from the shooting range to help judge the shooting events, Psychiatry played a role in judging various swimming events and General Surgery, ever patriotic in her wombat hat, made a special effort to attend without her stethescope.

The Queen issued a private invitation to join her morning tea party so that she might learn more about the work our professors are involved in. She had read our press release about the wombat breeding program and was interested to know if corgis, or even horses, could fulfil a role at The Centre

Share the tribute to these heroines. Humour is good for you.
It provides relaxation for your mind and body. Join the Tribute
band, go within and experience a unique journey.

Your muscles feel loose, your eyelids relax and your mouth smiles.
Aaaah - feels better. You can thank our Professor of Psychiatry for
how much better you feel now. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool and
you will be totally out of control as you click through our story.
Your mouse is appreciating your lighter grip, almost a caress now,
and you are ready to tackle our Bulletin! for a more in-depth
understanding of what constitutes good mental health.

It is our pleasure to announce that very soon you will be treated to the story of the transformation of two of our heroines whilst on sabbatical. General Surgery turns to the Law and Psychiatry is analysing her next moves after trying her hand at taxidermy. This special material will be the subject of a brand new website and we acknowledge your impatience but bear with the delay. General Surgery has risen to great heights as evidenced by her new role as legal advisor to highly profiled Homo Insapiens. This serves as an indication of what is to come.

judge with john howard and george bush

What more can we say?

It's happened. The new site has been created and will be known by the name Heroines Unmasked.
We are facing a short technical delay in getting this to you but be assured it's on its way. Please amuse
yourselves with a game in the meantime and have fun! It's a category close to my heart.

At last, General Surgery and Psychiatry generously share their sabbatical adventures at Heroines Unmasked.


And what a time they had in Sydney, Australia! July 2008. A most memorable occasion when red shoes walked the Yellow Brick Road and all our fantasies almost came true. The power of Good even managed to prevail over the City Rail folks who were almost swayed by Satanic forces to sabotage transport by train.

Our good Professor had made the hike from Dee Why Beach around to Greenwich upon the water yet such a feat went unnoticed amid the hysteria cloaking Sydney's papal visit. Will Good survive the current Evil swirling around our planet? Will Bible readings be sufficient distraction from choir boys around the planet? Deep questions indeed.

Here the Professor of General Surgery, attired in her legal garments, leads the greeting party at Sydney Airport, having twinkled the piano keys and fondled the cat. The Prime Minister, ever hopeful of creating an image as a superior statesman but sadly missing the mark, even with all his posturing, shares a word with The Religious One. It will become public knowledge shortly that the occasion was marred by the comPELLing act (there's a clue in that word) of some hangers-on who can be seen making a bad attempt at impersonating our good Professor. The legal gowns were rented and the buttons and hats came from the local party clown shop.


In recent news

The increasing demands upon General Surgery in recent times have necessitated some modifications to her appearance.

As she attempts to juggle developing and pressing responsibilities the need for oxygen ever increases.While she works ceaselessly in her daytime occupation headphones provide her with the means to keep abreast of some of her criminal cases in the Supreme Court in real time. The blinkers have proved an invaluable time-saving device in disguising her appearance so that creatures large and small are unable to properly communicate with her while she needs to steel her brain to remain focused on the important matters at hand.



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